How to Enjoy the Sun Safely

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After months of rain, chilly winds and frigid temperatures, spring is finally on the horizon. Winter has nearly left the building (well, almost), taking with it our dreary moods and dry, itchy skin. And while we’ve spent the first part of 2019 layering serums, balms, and oils, warmer air and increased humidity mean our skin is about […]

Tips for Winter wellness

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Tight skin, rough knuckles, chapped lips? Say hello to winter, about to wreak havoc from head-to-toe.   Here are some tips for you to keep your skin happily hydrated throughout the cold snap.   Stay hydrated Your body is 60% water, so hydration is the key to one’s wellbeing. Aside from the hot weather when […]

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Caring For Your Baby’s Skin

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Caring for your baby’s skin: Your baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive. This combination makes your baby’s skin super responsive to your touch, which is great! Every time you hold, cuddle or massage your baby, their sensitive skin responds positively to the soothing, nurturing sensation, which is so important to your baby’s overall development. Unfortunately, […]

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10 Ways To Combat Dry Skin

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10 Ways To Combat Dry Skin: It may not seem like a really big problem in the grand scheme of things, but those suffering from dry skin know just how irritating and problematic it can be. Dry skin occurs when skin doesn’t retain sufficient moisture. This can happen as a result of frequent bathing, use of […]

The Real Reason Your Heels Are Cracking

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Cracked Heels, Callus and Heel Fissures Dry, cracked heels cannot only be unsightly, but can often be the source of pain and embarrassment. The good news is that baby smooth heels are achievable with a little treatment and help from your podiatrist. What are Cracked Heels? Cracked heels are caused by cracking of splitting of […]

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Foot care tips for happy feet

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Everyone wants to have beautiful feet, especially during the festive season when you’re likely to bring out sandals and high heels to go out. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep your feet in tip-top shape because they take a lot of wear and tear. They support your weight and get you around, don’t they? […]

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The Healing Benefits of Foot Reflexology Massage

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The Healing Benefits of Foot Reflexology Massage: Reflexology, also known as zone therapy or acupressure, dates back to ancient China and Egypt, and is documented in ancient medical texts as far back as 4000 B.C.E. Similar to acupuncture’s potential benefits and methodology, reflexology uses pressure rather than needles to activate points and organs throughout the […]