DU’IT Dry Skin Range

● Are your DU’IT products made in Australia?

Yes, we’re pretty passionate about supporting the local economy and sustaining Australian jobs.

● Are your DU’IT products vegan?

DU’IT products uphold holistic principals but do not ascribe to a vegetarian or vegan philosophy.

● Are your DU’IT products gluten free?

No, as some of our products contain natural Vitamin E ingredient. However if you have specific questions or concerns regarding gluten and the ingredients contained in our formulas, we recommend you consult your physician.

● Are your products tested on animals? 

At DU’IT we care about our impact on the environment and are equally committed to the fair and ethical treatment of animals. Our DU’IT products are not tested on animals.

● Are DU’IT dry skin products suitable for children under 12 years old?

Children’s skin is generally more sensitive than adults’. Because of this, we recommend you patch sample the product on their skin first before using.

● Are your products safe?

Yes! We formulate every product with ingredients that have been carefully researched and proven safe for topical, external use. Every batch of every product is tested to ensure it is free from microbial contamination. Formulas are also stability tested to ensure they have an effective shelf life.

● Do DU’IT formulas contain preservatives such as parabens, petrolatum or phenoxyéthanol?

No. We only use carefully selected substances in our products to guarantee the safest ingredients. All of our product formulations are free from drying alcohol, parabens, petrolatum, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, mineral oils, lanolin  and propylene glycol.

● Are DU’IT products safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes, however we always recommend taking a product sample (or the ingredients list from our website) into your doctor and double checking with them prior to use.

● What is the difference between Tough Hands and Tough Hands for Her?

DU’IT Tough Hands is our original best seller with anti-microbial properties, specially formulated for the most stubborn cases of chronically dry, rough, cracked, irritated and calloused hands. It works to seal cracks, replace lost oils, condition the skin and form a protective barrier to keep hands in top condition.

DU’IT Tough Hands for Her is scientifically formulated as a potent, hydrating hand moisturiser with anti-aging properties. Designed to guard against premature ageing, visibly brighten and condition skin, cuticles and nails and increase moisture levels with long-lasting hydration. Contains a powerful peptide blend that supports natural collagen and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, panthenol for firming and niacinamide for skin elasticity. Its non-greasy protective barrier shields skin from harsh environmental stresses and neglect while locking in skin moisture to keep skin highly hydrated.