woman smiling which holding baby in the air

Top Tips on Skin Rash Myths

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How to deal with common baby rashes: The arrival of your baby is often a beautiful and rewarding experience. But for many new parents, it can also be a confusing time, especially with so many well-meaning relatives and friends giving conflicting advice on parenting. A common frustration in new parents is caring for your baby’s […]

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Foot Care for Winter

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Foot Care for Winter: Winter is soon approaching and our feet can often be neglected. In summer, we try to make our feet look pretty with fancy nail polish and fabulous open toed shoes but we seldom care for our poor feet in winter, forcing them into socks and boots. It’s not until something hurts or […]

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5 baby skincare myths

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Top baby care myths: Here are some widely popular baby care myths busted with actual explanation. Myth 1: Being super clean is the only way to prevent irritation We all know how important it is to ensure our children’s skin is clean and healthy, but can we sometimes be ‘too clean’? Excessive cleaning can strip away […]